Oval frames are drawn on the columns. These serve as identification. The birth name of the pharaohs and their names after they were king are shown.

I was very surprised to see the cartridge from Alexander the Great, who founded the city of Alexandria. How many events had fit into his 32-year short life? One of the greatest commanders in history, who left Macedonia and Anatolia and rode a horse to India, dragged a 300,000-strong army, lived in Eastern legends, conquered half of the world known in 13 years, and defeated the powerful armies of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great was also accepted as a god in Egypt.

How the tons of stones were carried!

After the pillared forest we saw the 1st Obmisk Tutmosis and Hatşepsut. Hatshepsut Obelisk from 1458 BC BC, 320 tons and 30 meters. The obelisk from 1492 BC BC, which belongs directly to I. Tutmosis, is 22 meters and 160 tons heavy.

When they thought about how they carried these stones heavy enough, the boats, workers, and pillars that they erected came to life.

I watched the workers of my dreams. Thousands of people whose skin is tanned by the sun and works like ants … I came to me in the voice of an artist. “Fjorda, I’ve called you countless times, haven’t you heard?” I couldn’t say I was dreaming. I had to keep running to catch up with my partner….

In the late afternoon the sun buried itself in the sky and the yellow light made the atmosphere very special before disappearing into the image of Amon, the supreme god of ancient Egypt. It all started and ended with it. I dreamed that the god, as described in mythology, swallowed the sun at sunset and was born again the next morning. What if I got on the boat the gods rode for the night trip? This boat was supposed to protect the pharaohs. Was there room for me there too?

The pharaohs believed in immortality, and what is left are the wonderful temples and myths.

Overwhelmed by the events, we returned to the ship in the evening and I fell asleep with the incredible feelings.


We were looking forward to the Valley of the Kings.

I thought the hills we saw on the way to the Valley of the Kings were yellow. But it turned out that what I saw were rocks. Centuries ago, these cliffs were carved and royal tombs were created. We were in hot desert countries where there wasn’t a single tree.

It all seemed a little soulless and dry and maybe scary too. In addition to those who created these works, I also respected those who discovered these temples by wandering through the deserts of a country I never knew.

I’ve thought a lot about it. On this trip I understood how important it is to have the heart of Lion in order to be a traveler. I have settled with myself. I tried to put myself in the position of archaeologists, artists and workers. One after the other the impressions came to my mind.

In the Valley of the Kings, the entrance to the huge temples before us appeared as “V”. Why did the temple entrances shrink down? I asked our guide. “Based on the Nile. The Nile is wide above and narrow below and so it took its shape. The Nile is life here. He is also a god. “

The fate of the trip and the discoverer

As I approached the Valley of the Kings, I felt lonely in the middle of the desert. As if there were no people around me. I tried to find the unknown. I wanted to discover a clue or a sign.

I was in the land of the pharaohs … Then suddenly came to me. I was not an explorer! I was a tourist with my partner. We were with thousands of people from many countries around the world …

At that moment our guide’s voice came into my ear. “Where are you staying? You’re somewhere behind us …” Oh, “I said,” I’m going through everything in my dreams again, the desolation in the desert, the people and the graves “.

In hot weather we walked for minutes. We haven’t even come across the slightest shadow we could take. We entered the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The walls of the graves were full of colorful pictures. Once again I respected art and the artist who left us these works of art centuries ago.


The Valley of the Kings is an area not far from the Nile, at the foot of the steep, sloping cliffs that are heated and burned by the blazing sun. These tombs are hidden in the rocks. So that they do not detach themselves like the tombs of the kings in the pyramids, they remained hidden. With the exception of Tutankhamen’s tomb, the treasures of all kings were robbed.

Some of the tombs are as well preserved as if the murals were made yesterday; others, however, succumbed to the erosion of time. They all have one thing in common that they cause and present death. The pharaohs, as if they had not had a sweet life in this world, were preparing for death because they believed they would live in the other world forever, and the preparations for the “other world” should be perfect!

In my trip, I couldn’t tear myself away from the following thought. While the pharaohs idolized, the Egyptian gods humanized themselves. Pharaohs had divine desires and the Egyptian gods had human desires.

The frescoes embroidered on the walls of the tombs of the pharaohs, the hieroglyphs engraved in the stone, the huge sculptures, the temples and columns, and obelisks not only reflect the glory of ancient Egypt but remind us again that death is the only truth of the Existence is.

To make the pharaohs immortal, many scribes have prepared prayers full of papyrus, many workers have suffered when hitting the pyramids and died in the heat of hell. Nevertheless, this civilization collapsed and was just waiting for the moment to emerge from the hot sand after centuries.

The pharaohs ruled a vast empire through which a river flowed. With the belief that this world is just a dream, but that the other world is real.

I wallow between reality and the fairytale world

I was between the world of truth and fairy tales. As I walked through the Egyptian valleys, I hovered between reality and dreams in the Karnak temple in Luxor and in the Valley of the Kings. In my childhood I was told the stories of the prince that descended to the bottom of my grandmother’s seven floors? Was this pharaoh world there? Or did these princes go to deeper places? Archaeologists who found the graves here probably read fairy tales in their childhood; You could find the world underground. When digging, it was important to read, research, dream, read fairy tales.

HATSHEPSUT TEMPLE will be Our Next Blog Wait for Us …

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