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Choosing and buying an apartment/villa is one thing, but compared to what comes next, it’s probably the easiest part of the whole. It becomes complicated, complex, and very laborious when it comes to the design, furnishing, and equipment of the property. Countless details such as concept, materials, colors, proportions, and always new questions and decisions, long planning and negotiation talks with craftsmen and suppliers, and in the end you wait and hope that the result will turn out as you have painstakingly put together and visualized!
In our years of experience, we at VTGooo have often been able to observe which mistakes are made, and what disappointments have been experienced and we have made it our task to remove these mistakes for our customers.

And that’s exactly what our interior design experts from NEXT-Furniture do!


We first measure your property precisely and draw up an exact “actual plan”, which forms the basis for the entire planning. Taking into account the results of the previous consultation on your wishes, ideas, taste, practicality, and all other important points, our designers then create the first concept models and lists, which of course include 3D views and virtual inspections of the “furnished” apartment, see above that you can get a full picture of the proportions and the feeling of space and thus also decide “from a distance” whether you like it or if you still need adjustments.


We offer 3 quality categories, which initially differ mainly in the basic materials used and of course the resulting price:

Standard furniture

Low budget furniture

Luxury furniture

Let’s start with

Standard furniture:

This type of furniture is made from the so-called “Conter wood”, machine-cut and assembled by an experienced specialist. Here, ALL parts are made from high-quality Conter wood, which is a good middle solution between the essential points; Pricing, durability, and resilience.

Low budget furniture:

This type of furniture is made from “MDF wood”, machine cut, and assembled by an experienced specialist. Here, all items are made from MDF wood solutions, with the exception of the cupboard boxes for the kitchen (which are made from the “Conter wood” explained above to ensure stability and good water resistance). This offers a suitable solution for those who have a higher priority for pricing.
A wide range of surface materials and designs are available for these two categories so that you have an almost inexhaustible range of variations and combinations to choose from.

And as final the;

Luxury furniture:

This furniture is NOT made by machines! Every single piece is tailor-made, handcrafted, hand-colored, and made from hand-picked imported solid wood (Swedish oak) by experienced carpenters. In addition, a 10-year guarantee on wood, construction, and painting as well as service and support is included at all times. A wide range of designs are possible but within the scope of what is possible with hand-work.
This furniture category is subject to slightly different internal processes because the manufacturing processes differ, but we take care of your advice and planning together with you so that we can pass on the results and your precise ideas to the specialist lists in production and thus ensure that the exclusive materials are processed flawlessly!

Electrical appliances, equipment, and decoration:

Once the furniture and the design have been selected, electrical appliances and many, many small items such as plates, glasses, cutlery, lighting, cleaning utensils, decoration, towels and bed linen, and much, much more are missing …
We are talking about very long lists with a lot of individual small and large parts, which you have to get from many different sources, and this takes an incredible amount of time and effort.

These processes have also been included in order to be able to give you a finished, warm, and homey home without having to expose yourself to all these hardships! And when choosing each individual item, we use various quality specifications as a basis, so that these items do not appear to be “cheap”, but at the same time, they also get on well in terms of price and can also be replaced well in the future if something breaks or is lost. We choose all products so that they meet many requirements at the same time, with great taste and attention to detail!

At the end of the entire planning process, you will receive a complete folder from us with all the details, plans, and lists, as well as the final invoice and the payment instructions, so that you can lean back, relax and look forward to your finished home!

At any moment; from the initial consultation, planning, invoicing, and ordering, through installation and assembly, to handover, our experts are at your side and will be happy to keep you up to date on progress and status.

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