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VTGooo GROUP the best place to start your overseas search for property in Egypt with a gorgeous sea, golf and mountain view in unique locations in the red sea – Hurghada

Please calm down, Egypt has a number of opportunities available for the overseas investor looking for something different,  But we know the hardest thing about buying a property in Egypt is choosing the right agent, many agents will say that they are the best, Are they?? Vtgooo Group pride themselves on having a high return rate of clients and a greater than average expected industry referral rates. There are very clear criteria that Vtgooo follow in order to be at the top of the agent spectrum and when you using your agent you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What relevant free services that we offer to make your property purchase easier?
  • Do they have first-time experience and knowledge about Egypt?
  • Do they have the expertise to save your money in areas you would expect and take time to explain any hidden costs?
  • Do they have extensive legal knowledge especially in the areas they are selling it?
  • Do they have connections to established independent lawyers?
  • Do they only work with reputable developers carrying out the due diligence and having all the original paperwork in all the projects they work on?
  • Do they communicate well and answer your questions in details responding in a timely manner?
  • Are they up to date with the newsletters, updates and are they active on social media networks?
  • Are they reputable have I been recognized in the Press And mentioned in independent editorials?
  • Do they listen to you and offer you properties that suit your requirements and budget or are they just telling you about the most profitable options for them?
Finally did you know that 95% of all UK companies legally registered on companies house sale before they reach 5 years in business if they have exceeded this time then you can be happy that you are in safe hands But unfortunately Egypt did not have the same rules So you have to think How does your agent measure up?

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