Rent out apartments with HRG-Holiday,
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A tourist resort like Hurghada, which attracts thousands of visitors, sun worshipers, and culture-hungry holidaymakers almost all year round, is certainly a very good location to offer vacation properties with good yields to precisely these visitors.
Many of our customers have already recognized this opportunity and turned their own vacation property into a generator for passive income. However, you will be confronted with various conflicts very quickly if you are not here on-site to manage this rental.
The real estate specialists from VTGooo’s rental department; HRG-Holiday relieve you of all these conflicts and manage your property for you from A-Z: We take care of marketing, administration, care/maintenance, check-ins / check-outs, accounting, and much more! If you would like to use this service for your property, you can simply apply using the following link, our experts will contact you shortly and go through all the necessary steps with you!

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Rent apartments with HRG-Holiday,
powered by VTGooo

The trends towards rented apartments for your own vacation instead of the classic hotel business are constantly increasing, as our numbers and experiences of recent years show. It is not surprising since the advantages are very clear and if you then find a lovingly furnished and equipped apartment as a holidaymaker, you gain a new quality of your vacation, you even move a little closer to the country, almost as if you live here, almost like living in your own home.
Visit our booking portal and take a look at where you could spend your next vacation! In addition, you can add numerous other services there directly from our portal; Transport, excursions, and other activities are only the top but not the end! We are happy to advise you on special requests and concerns! We have the possibilities and answers to make your vacation an unforgettable event!

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