A Mediterranean pearl on the Red Sea coast and under the Egyptian sun.
Have you never dreamed of experiencing the wonderful lightness and serenity of Griechenland combined with the incomparably pleasant climate and a sea of Egypt at the same time!
This dream doesn’t have to remain a dream and you can even own a piece of it!
Exactly this combination is offered in Athena Resort in Hurghada!
A project that will be realized on around 60,000 m², with lots of green and pool areas, a small hotel of its own on the site, which will also provide its services to the owners and residents so that they do not lack anything.
In the total project there will be around 450 spacious apartments; from Studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom apartments, to the exclusive penthouse apartments with private roof terrace, as well as 3 beach-front twin houses with garden and 1 large luxury villa and not to forget; the hotel with approx. 220 rooms. This allows very spacious outdoor areas that invite you to take relaxing walks or a picnic if you don’t want to swim in the sea or in one of the approximately 13 pools. Attractions and activity zones will also be prepared for the small family members so that they will get their full enjoyment as well.
The architecture, the design, even the selection of the trees and plants are unmistakably oriented to the Greek architecture, known from Mykonos, Santorini and other popular Greek holiday resorts, with the declared aim to bring this wonderful attitude to life, the joy and quality of life to the coast of Red Sea.

This fantastic 2 bedroom apartment offers a total of 102,88 m² of living space

2 beds 2 baths