Juliana Beach Resort
The Juliana Beach Resort is a beach resort that builds on a total area of approx. 8,400 m², with 4 wings, a total of 6 floors, and approx. 400 apartments in different types such as;

• Studios
• 2 room apartments
• 3 room apartments
• different penthouse types
and there is also enough space for a spacious pool and beach landscape with a few small water slides, as well as for a cafe and bar area and various other inviting activities.
Depending on the location, the different apartments also offer different views, such as sea view, pool view, and street view. All units have their very own characteristics and a very special option is the ability to connect several units which are lying next to each other, to create one large unit in order, what already many customers have used “from the very beginning” and have thus created incredible apartments for themselves and their families!

The U-shaped Building-complex is divided into 4 building sections; Sections A, B, C and D, whereby the large entrance area with the operating reception is centrally located on the ground floor and below that in the “basement” the underground car park, which will offer around 50 parking spaces.
In addition, there are a total of 4 elevators, each of which is housed and assigned in one of the wings of the full building, so that you can always quickly and easily reach the courtyard with the pools, the beach, the cafes, the reception or the Roof-terrace with its pool, restaurant, and bar.

The whole complex has 4 swimming pools with a children’s pool and a small slide system. There is a large pool centrally in the courtyard, another one will be located on the roof of the building and two other smaller pools are private pools for a few selected residential units. There is also a restaurant, gym, wellness and much more on the roof located.
As there is 24/7 security staff in the resort also the requirements for security taken care of, so that you can spend relaxing and relaxed stays carefree.
• Beachfront apartments
• 70% of the apartments with pool and sea view
• 24h security
• swimming pools (partially heated in winter)
• Children’s pool with water slides
• private beach
• elevators
• Resort management
• Rental service
• Small supermarket
• restaurant
• Coffee shop
• bars
• Gym
• wellness area
• and much, much more

This beach resort is located in the Al Ahaya district, which is between Hurghada City and the airport and El Gouna. Both locations can be easily reached within a 15-minute drive, which can be described as “centrally located”.

Another feature that can be an important argument is probably flexible and very attractive payment options, which can also enable someone with a difficult financial situation to purchase an apartment in this resort.

In addition, the handover date for the entire complex, including ALL apartments, is set for the end of 2021 / early 2022, which is a uniform date that is fixed for all owners and on which the entire resort is to begin its full operation.