Why you need legal advice

Yes, getting legal advice is an additional cost to you but it can save you a lot more money in the long run.  It is much easier to sort legal issues out at the beginning instead of later when they can be more problematic and more costly.  If you are fully aware of relevant laws and regulations then it gives a sounder foundation to your venture. It shows that your business is built to last and has the ability to anticipate and react to change.

It is an extra cost for you but getting legal advice now will save you time and money in the long run also gives a solid foundation which means you are prepared for the unexpected.

VTGooo legal services offer its clients first-class legal services throughout Egypt. We offer all its clients a personal, professional, affordable, and competent legal representation that our customers expect and deserve. Our customers best interests are always a top priority.

Keep in mind our goal is to provide each of our clients with the finest representation possible, to ensure that our clients receive the best results in each and every case. To be certain that the mission we have is successful, we thoroughly review each of our client’s cases, while effectively communicating with them. In the end, we believes in surpassing all expectations, solving all problems, and treating its customers with respect and dignity they deserve.

Why us

Customers who choose VTGooo can be certain that we have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to handle any type of legal issue. We are proud of providing its clients personal service with the highest quality in order to obtain desirable results.

  • Legal advice
  • All civil cases
  • Legal health signature ((Signature validity))
  • Commandment
  • Founding companies
  • Establishment of its individual establishment
  • Check all ownership papers of the seller before purchasing
  • Real estate registration
  • Car licenses
  • Writing contracts for sale and purchase in Arabic, English, German, Russian and Italian
  • Obtaining tourist accommodation and residence for business purposes
  • Offenses, misdemeanors and crimes
  • All family claims of wife rights (divorce – maintenance)

We are offering you a truly personalized service to help you resolve your legal problem.