Hurghada is the capital city of the Red Sea

As it is said of the city of Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Hurghada is the bride of the Red Sea

what you can do to enjoy your time in Hurghada

 #Trips (safari – diving trips – fishing trips and others)

Aquarium (large or small ponds containing different types of fish and also have fish stuffed long ago) Hurghada has many of the facilities dedicated to aquarium

• Aquarius is located in the Aquatic District and is called Aquarius by Dr. Hamid Jawhar • Grand aquarium is located in the area of ​​Magawish next to the Jungle Resort on the main road • aquarium at the beginning of an Arab road from Dahar in front of the general hospital

The Red Sea waters are characterized by the existence of many types of fish that may be innumerable in the sea. The most famous species that loves to play and fun with humans is the dolphins. Hence our role is to give you the places you can enjoy these shows

#Dolphin Shows

• Located in the main entrance to the city of Makadi south of Hurghada, which is a very special offers • There is also a Dolphin show in Hurghada near Hurghada International Airport

# Diving in the heart of the Red Sea

Those who have not tried the sport of diving before I strongly advise you to try it this time, especially in the waters of the Red Sea (Hurghada – Sharm El-Sheikh – Dahab – other)

#Safaris in the Red Sea

The Red Sea combines the picturesque nature and the magic of turquoise water, where the most distinctive places are the mountains and desert of the Red Sea and beautiful natural beaches From here the desert safari comes with cars equipped to enjoy the desert calm Also there are some trips by horse and enjoy the beach and spend a special time there Experience the Bedouin life in the short or Safaga or Mars Alam and other coastal places

# Restaurants in Hurghada fish and oriental Resturants

• Dar Darrak for Eastern cuisine behind the tourist center • Radwan Oriental Foods Al Kawthar area in front of Abu Ashra Market • Syrian Syrian Foods Al-Kawthar area in front of the Egyptian hospital • Star Fish on Cheriton Road Budget over 2000 LE • Fish ring in front of Marina Hurghada medium budget • Hafni fish in the street leading to the scaffold from an Arab road medium budget

# Interesting Places In Hurghada City

There are many cafés, restaurants, hotels and gift shops

Senzo Mall is a very large mall with many international agencies suitable for all community groups and there are very special offers and burning prices from time to time • The pedestrian walkway on Chery Street is characterized by many shops, including perfumes, accessories, gifts, popular eateries and deluxe restaurants • Dahar area, which is the heart of the city of Hurghada now where originality and elegance and everything is normal and there will found in the era of passing through the Elnasr road because this region is characterized by the existence of the most specialized shops in electrical appliances and also there is a vegetable market and also the gold market • Al-Nasr Road, which is the main link between Dahar Square and Al-Sakkala Square. It contains Spinneys. There is also the new pedestrian there, the Roman Theater, the Qatari Mosque, the security teams and household appliances.

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