Real Estate (Sale, Purchase, Resale or Rental)

So, you are looking for assistance in the real estate market. What is it you would like to do?

Buy a property for you to live in.

Buy a property for your retirement.

Buy a property for you to use as a holiday home.

Buy a property as an investment (off-plan to resale or rental).

Buy multiple properties or land for larger investment opportunities.

Buy land for property development.

Sell property/properties you already own.

Sell land.

Rent out property/properties you already own.

Whatever it is, that you are looking to do, we can help you achieve it. We have experienced consultants ready to help. See what great opportunities exist by contacting us today with no obligation.

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Why you need legal advice

Yes, getting legal advice is an additional cost to you but it can save you a lot more money in the long run.  It is much easier to sort legal issues out at the beginning instead of later when they can be more problematic and more costly.  If you are fully aware of relevant laws and regulations then it gives a sounder foundation to your venture. It shows that your business is built to last and has the ability to anticipate and react to change.

It is an extra cost for you but getting legal advice now will save you time and money in the long run also gives a solid foundation which means you are prepared for the unexpected.

VTGooo legal services offer their clients first-class legal services throughout Egypt. We offer all its clients a personal, professional, affordable, and competent legal representation that our customers expect and deserve. Our customers best interests are always a top priority.

Keep in mind our goal is to provide each of our clients with the finest representation possible, to ensure that our clients receive the best results in each and every case. To be certain that the mission we have is successful, we thoroughly review each of our client’s cases, while effectively communicating with them. In the end, we believe in surpassing all expectations, solving all problems, and treating its customers with respect and dignity they deserve.

Why us

Customers who choose VTGooo can be certain that we have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to handle any type of legal issue. We are proud of providing its clients with personal service with the highest quality in order to obtain desirable results.

  • Legal advice
  • All civil cases
  • Legal health signature ((Signature validity))
  • Commandment
  • Founding companies
  • Establishment of its individual establishment
  • Check all ownership papers of the seller before purchasing
  • Real estate registration
  • Car licenses
  • Writing contracts for sale and purchase in Arabic, English, German, Russian and Italian
  • Obtaining tourist accommodation and residence for business purposes
  • Offenses, misdemeanors, and crimes
  • All family claims of wife rights (divorce – maintenance)

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Project Planning and Implementation

If you are a landowner seeking an experienced and trusted partner to manage your development, then we should be your first choice. Our consultants have years of proven experience in leading planning, development, and implementation of a number of diverse building projects in Hurghada, Egypt. They include Turtles Beach Resort, Oriental Lodge, Athena Resort, Al Camar- Sahl Hasheesh (formerly Sunny Hills) plus several other smaller developments in Hurghada.

The next step is easy, contact us today with no obligation.

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Finance & Investment

Battling inflation and low-interest rates? You have capital but are looking for the right investment opportunity that suits your budget and gives the best return on that investment. Let our consultants help you.

Our experienced financial experts can advise you on all the options, taking into consideration the budget, risk and time factors plus those market variant factors such as political situations, market dynamics and classic banking products. This approach is key in tailoring your personal investment portfolio to maximize its return!

Let us guide you to financial success, contact us today with no obligation.

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Photography and Videography Services

Looking for professional photographic and video output? Whether you looking to capture personal events (weddings, birthdays, etc..) or provide commercial marketing material (websites, advertising campaigns, etc…), you need an experienced photographer that understands what you need and how to technically deliver, to meet that need.

Through our consultants, you will have access to the best and most experienced photographers to capture those precious moments or promote those great ideas.

Let us help keep you in the picture, contact us today with no obligation.

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Ok, you have a great product, service or solution! How do you tell everyone?

Our experienced marketing consultants have the necessary expertise to assist you in the creation and delivery of targeted marketing messages. Our consultants continuously monitor what is on-trend in your designated market and adapt its marketing solutions to optimize the delivery to and the response from the intended demographic (the customers you seek). We will consistently monitor the results adapting as necessary for the maximum response.

Choose from our marketing solutions that include:

Marketing campaigns

Social Media content management

Marketing Emails

Marketing newsletters

Marketing videos

Marketing leaflets and distribution

Website content management.

Special Offer promotions

Make your marketing count, contact us today with no obligation.

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Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Furniture Manufacturing

Our experienced consultants work with the best of the best when it comes to furniture and interior design, paying strict attention to the detail and quality finished demanded by our clients. This approach results in us being able to offer high quality and long-lasting furniture for a price that sees great value for the client. We offer 10 years warranty on the construction and material used with all furniture manufactured by us.

We start the process with a detailed consultation with our clients to understand their ideas, requirements, and wishes, advising our clients about the feasibility and practicality of such. We then assist in the client selection of the materials and colors to be used. Accurate measurements and dimensions are then taken of the designated location for the furniture (kitchen, bedroom, lounge, garden, etc…) so that accurate templates can be made before construction commences. This ensures a perfect fit and optimum effect.

Furniture material includes the best quality solid wood (varieties that include Swedish oak and Sarsua from Aswan) that is constructed in our own factories by the best hand-selected and most experienced carpenters.

Furniture material that might be used for sofa covering, curtains or cushions is available and there is always a large selection to choose from. This lends to great coordination in the design of furniture packages.

Our experienced consultants are also able to offer an interior design service that will enhance the furniture offering with layout planning and supply of accessories that would include lighting and bathroom fittings.

For quality furniture and at a great value, contact us today with no obligation.

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