VTGooo is a young and newly founded company that specializes in different fields. In the core business
the company focuses on the main sectors of;
Real Estate (Sale, Purchase, Resale, or Rental)
Project Planning and Implementation
Finance & Investment (investment products, accounts opening, investment advice, etc.)
Legal services
Marketing (digital, social, print, branding, campaigns, and much more)
Photography and Videography Services
Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Furniture Manufacturing (luxury furniture, one-off production, customization, hand-picked materials, 10-year warranty and much more)
IT services (hardware solutions, networking, server setup, and administration, websites, hosting and much more)
These core areas are staffed and run by experts in their field who can look back on years, if not decades, of experience in their respective fields.
But the VTGooo-Group benefits not only from the massive competence in the listed sub-areas but unfolds their full potential by combining them in different constellations with the shortest possible communication paths and thus reaches a high level of efficiency and performance while offering an incredibly comprehensive and adaptable Service portfolio that can handle almost any conceivable problem with ease.
We want to make this potential available and available to all our customers and future partners. It does not matter if you are:
a private customer who wants to buy a holiday home, a second home, or a piece of land to build on, here on the Red Sea
You already own something like this and plan to sell it
You are an investor who wants to invest his capital profitably
or you want to start a business or partnership here in Egypt
We offer you the best answers, options, and the most competent contact persons for this and almost any other question in order to support and implement your personal request with an unrivaled level of quality.
But that’s not the end yet!
The VTGooo-Group also offers services from a wide variety of ancillary areas by also accessing and making available services from previously verified and certified partners (third-party providers) on their main platform/page. These include u.a.
touristic offers and services
Limousine Services
Architects and other professionals
and countless other offers.

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